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Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box

Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box

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Shiny Pokémon are so extraordinary that they're almost never seen, and Trainers who catch them are considered quite lucky…and yet they can be yours in the Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates expansion. Celebrate the Galar region and the incredible Pokémon that live and battle there with beautifully etched cards—including the spectacular Shiny Charizard in its Gigantamax form. Seize your destiny and expand your collection with the Shining Fates expansion.

Each Elite Trainer Box includes the following:

  • 10 Shining Fates Booster Packs
  • 1 Eevee Vmax Promo card
  • Energy cards, damage counters, status markers and TCG rulebook
  • Set booklet containing images of every Shining Fates set card
  • A handy box with dividers to keep everything organized
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